Quality of brickwork
Quality of brickwork

While on site, a site engineer must ensure that the brickwork is going on as per quality requirements. Some of the general requirements of quality of brickwork are mentioned below. Use this as a checklist while executing brickwork.

  1. The thickness of joint in brick masonry should not exceed 1 cm.
  2. The face joints should be raked to a depth of 15 mm by raking tool when the mortar is still green so as to provide proper key for plaster or pointing.
  3. Brickwork should be taken up in layers not exceeding one meter height at a time.
  4. Check that the brick work is in plumb.
  5. Check that the brick courses are in level.
  6. Check the quality of bricks with specific reference to
  • Strength
  • Efflorescence
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Water absorption
  1. Check that no brick bats are used as queen closer.
  2. Check strength of mortar by scratching with sharp instrument like screw driver.
  3. Check quality of sand in mortar. (Test for fineness modulus and silt content).
  4. Check mixing of mortar whether done by hand or by machine, whether mixing is done on a proper platform.
  5. Check arrangements for curing.
  6. Whether raking of green joints done or not.
  7. Whether soaking of bricks done or not.
  8. Check general quality of works with reference to lines, levels, thickness and trueness of the joints.
  9. Whether brick corners are provided properly by a proper brick closer and not by pitting brick bats.
  10. Whether top courses in plinth, in window sill and below RCC slab and parapet are provided with brick on edge.
  11. Whether joints of brick work are filled with mortar fully, check especially vertical joints.
  12. Check type of scaffolding and whether tied and braced properly.
  13. Check reinforcement in brick partition wall, whether provided.
  14. Check bonding of cross wall with long walls.
  15. Whether holes left in the brick work while execution for supporting scaffolding are filled with concrete and not with dry bricks.

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