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  1. Datta Kshirsagar
    Datta Kshirsagar at | | Reply

    In which cases we determine Soaked CBR & in which cases we determine Un-Soaked CBR ?

  2. Datta Kshirsagar
    Datta Kshirsagar at | | Reply

    Dear Sir,
    1)Value of which CBR(Soaked or Unsoaked) is more?
    2)While designing the road crust,which CBR Value (minimum or maximum) should be considered?

  3. Datta Kshirsagar
    Datta Kshirsagar at | | Reply

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your guidence.
    1)While determining CBR of sample (sample including metal,sand & murum) is it necessary to determine OMC?
    If yes,OMC of combined material(including metal,sand & murum)is found or OMC of only murum is found?
    2)How much water is to be added for determining the CBR of GSB? upto OMC of murum or OMC of combined material?
    3)How CBR of WMM is determined?

  4. S K Sinha
    S K Sinha at | | Reply

    Mr. S K Padhi

    Will you pl. illustrate the C B R calculation of soil for road pavement design with an example (Data and the relevant curve)
    Pl. reply through Email

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