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    NASIR ABDULRASHID at | | Reply

    I found your document very interesting and self explanatory. I wish you all the best

  2. issa ouarme
    issa ouarme at | | Reply

    does the liquid limit cone penetrometer method and the kassagran method is the same.
    can use the kassagran plot sheet for test (form)

  3. issa ouarme
    issa ouarme at | | Reply

    is it 5 second of penetration
    is kassagrande same

  4. sagar choudhari
    sagar choudhari at | | Reply

    How I can use this apparatus for designing the farm equipments in heavy cotton soil? Actually we get soil strength or else? Reading units?

  5. Alan
    Alan at | | Reply

    Soil strength is a different parameter than liquid limit. You might look at pocket penetrometer or dynamic cone penetrometer test:

    The liquid limit minus the plastic limit is the plasticity index (PI); the range of moisture between plastic and liquid states where the soil shrinks and swells. High PI clays are bad for construction, as they cause movements and distress to foundations.

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