For determination of dry material content of liquid admixtures. 

Reference Standards

IS : 9103-1999- Concrete admixtures specification

Equipment & Apparatus

  • Oven(3000c)
  • Bottle
  • Balance(0-10kg)


  1. 25 to 30 g of preheated, completely dry sand is placed in a wide mouth glass weighing bottle provided with ground glass stopper.
  2. The bottle with sand and stopper is placed in the electric oven and dried for 17±1/4 h at 105±2C.
  3. The bottle with stopper is allowed to cool to room temperature and its weigh is recorded to nearest 0.001 g.
  4. The stopper is then removed and 4 ml of liquid is evenly distributed over the sand with the help of a pipette.
  5. The stopper is then inserted and the bottle and stopper is placed in the oven for 17±1/4 h at 105±2C
  6. After drying it is cooled to room temperature and its weight is recorded to the nearest 0.001 g.


Weight of bottle and sand = W1

Weight of bottle, sand and sample = W2

Weight of sample = W2-W1

Weight of bottle, sand and dried residue = W3-W1

admixture dry material 1 


The result is reported to nearest whole number. 

Safety & Precautions

  • Use hand gloves while removing containers from oven after switching off the oven.
  • Equipment should be cleaned thoroughly before testing & after testing.
  • To check electric supply of the instrument.
  • To wear safety shoes & aprons at the time of test.

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