Checklist Used by Consultants for Cement Concrete Pavements

The role of a consultant is not to find faults but to suggest and implement suitable remedial measures and to assist in achieving quality workmanship during the course of execution. Consultants generally follow the following checklist to ensure the quality of the cement concrete pavement during the time of construction.

Cement Concrete Pavement
Cement Concrete Pavement
  1. Ensure that mix design is available
  2. Ensure that all the materials are tested & approved and dumped and stacked in an approved manner and sufficient quantity so as to avoid undue interruption.
  3. Only approved plasticizers will be used to improve workability and control water cement ratio.
  4. Simple and well defined method should be adopted to control water cement ratio.
  5. Properly calibrated weigh batcher must be used for concrete production.
  6. Only the approved source of water will be used for constructional water requirements.
  7. If sub-base is found damaged at some places or it has cracks wider than 10mm, it shall be repaired with fine cement concrete before laying separation membrane.
  8. Separation membrane (125 micron polythene layer) then should be laid flat without crease after duly cleaning the sub-base using air compressor. Overlaps should not be less than 300 mm.
  9. Examine the forms to ensure that they have the specified attributes including composition, weight, dimensions, rigidity and cleanliness.
  10. Ensure that every portion of pavement gets sufficient curing by way of marking dates and clearly distinguishing in site records.
  11. Ensure that vibrators are used judiciously to compact fully and at the same time segregation are avoided.
  12. Ensure that samples for compressive strength tests are regularly taken as per desired frequency of testing.
  13. Width of the pavement being less than 4.5 meter longitudinal joints is not required.
  14. For transverse joints a flat bar/web of mild steel “T” may be placed into concrete which may be pulled out after sufficient hardening of concrete.
  15. Transverse joints are to be filled by approved sealants preceded by primer application.
  16. No vehicular traffic shall be allowed on the pavement before 28 days of its casting.


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