How Brickwork Is Superior Than Stonework?

The brick is superior to the stonework in the following respects:

Brickwork VS Stonework
Brickwork VS Stonework
  1. At places where stones are not easily available but where there is plenty of clay, the brickwork becomes cheaper than stonework.
  2. The cost of construction works out to be less in case of brickwork than stone work as less skilled labour is required in the construction of brickwork.
  3. No complicated lifting devices are necessary to carry bricks as they can be easily moved by manual labour.
  4. The bricks resist fire better than stones and hence, in case of a fire, they do not easily disintegrate.
  5. The brick of good quality resist the various atmospheric effects in a better way than the stones.
  6. In case of brickwork, the mortar joints are thin and hence the structure becomes more durables.
  7. It is easy to construct connections and openings in case of brickwork than stonework.
  8. As it is light in weight, it can be used in cantilever walls.
  9. Due to its modular shape and size more space can be saved.

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