Bricks which are used in construction works are burnt bricks. They are classified into 4 categories on the basis of its manufacturing and preparation, as given below.

  1. First class bricks
  2. Second class bricks
  3. Third class bricks
  4. Fourth class bricks

1. First Class Bricks

These bricks are table moulded and of standard shape and they are burnt in kilns. The surface and edges of the bricks are sharp, square, smooth and straight. They comply with all the qualities of good bricks. These bricks are used for superior work of permanent nature.

2. Second Class Bricks

These bricks are ground moulded and they are burnt in kilns. The surface of these bricks is somewhat rough and shape is also slightly irregular. These bricks may have hair cracks and their edges may not be sharp and uniform. These bricks are commonly used at places where brick work is to be provided with a coat of plaster.

3. Third Class Bricks

These bricks are ground moulded and they are burnt in clamps. These bricks are not hard and they have rough surfaces with irregular and distorted edges. These bricks give dull sound when struck together. They are used for unimportant and temporary structures and at places where rainfall is not heavy.

4. Fourth Class Bricks

These are over burnt bricks with irregular shape and dark colour. These bricks are used as aggregate for concrete in foundations, floors, roads etc, because of the fact that the over burnt bricks have a compact structure and hence they are sometimes found to be stronger than even the first class bricks.

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