Specification For Perforated Burnt Clay Building Bricks (IS-2222-1991)

General Quality

  • Bricks shall be free from cracks and flaws and nodules of free lime.
  • Bricks shall have smooth rectangular faces with sharp corners
  • Bricks shall be of uniform in colour and texture.
  • The area of perforation shall be in between 30% to 45% of the total area of the corresponding face of the bricks.
  • The shorter side of the perforation shall be less than 20 mm in case of rectangular perforations and less than 25 mm diameter in case of circular perforations.
  • Area of each perforation shall not exceed 500 mm2.
  • Thickness of any shell shall not be less than 15 mm and that of any web not less than 10 mm.
Perforated Clay Bricks
Perforated Clay Bricks


 Dimensional Specification

Brick Type

Length (L), mm

Width (W), mm

Height (H), mm









Physical Requirements

Compressive Strength

Average compressive strength shall not be less than 7 N/mm2 on net area.

Water Absorption

Shall not be more than 20% by weight


Shall have a rating of efflorescence not more than ‘slight’


Average warpage shall not exceed 3%


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