Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Fibre reinforced concrete is a composite material consisting of cement paste, mortar or concrete with closely spaced and uniformly dispersed fibres of polypropylene, nylon, asbestos, coir, glass and carbon (circular or flat).

Fibres of Steel
Fibres of Steel


Fibres introduced in concrete impart the following properties:

  • Increased static and dynamic tensile strength
  • Improved impact strength
  • Limited crack growth
  • Increased strain capacity


Because of the increased static and dynamic tensile strength, energy absorbing characteristic and better fatigue strength, fibre reinforced concrete has been used in:

  • Overlays of air fields, road pavements, industrial floorings and bridges decks etc.
  • Canal and refractory linings
  • Explosive resistant structures
  • Precast products such s pipes, beams, staircase steps, wall panels, proof panels and manhole covers etc.

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