Effects of Improper Curing

Following are the major disadvantages of improper curing of concrete:

  1. The chances of ingress of chlorides and atmospheric chemicals are very high
  2. The compressive strength and flexural strengths are lowered.
  3. The cracks are formed due to plastic shrinkage, drying shrinkage and thermal effects.
  4. The durability decreases due to higher permeability.
  5. The frost and weathering resistances are decreased.
  6. The rate of carbonation increases.
  7. The surfaces are coated with sand and dust and it leads to lower the abrasion resistance.

concrete curing

The above disadvantages are more prominent in those parts of structures which are either directly exposed or those which have large surfaces compared to depth such as roads, canals, bridges, cooling towers, chimneys etc. it is therefore necessary to protect the large exposed surfaces even before setting. Otherwise it may lead to a pattern of fine cracks.

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