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To determine the consistency of masonry mortar


  • Standard Cone Apparatus having following parts and dimensions
Penetrating Cone Conical Container
Weight = 300 g,Height = 150 mm,

Base dia = 75 mm

Top dia=150 mm,Height = 180 mm
  •  Tamping Rod
Standard Cone Apparatus For Consistency Test of Masonry Mortar
Standard Cone Apparatus For Consistency Test of Masonry Mortar


  1. Fill the conical container with the mortar to a level that is 1 cm below its rim.
  2. Compact the mortar inside the container using the tamping rod.
  3. Place the container over the base, below the penetrating cone of the apparatus.
  4. Lower the penetrating cone so that the apex of the penetrating cone just touches the mortar surface. Clamp the penetrating cone at this position. (refer the pic shown above)
  5. Set the dial gauge so as to take the first reading (i.e. D1)
  6. Release the cone and allow it to sink into the mortar mix.
  7. After complete penetration of the penetrating cone, set the dial gauge again, so as to  take the final reading (i.e. D2).


Calculate the depth of penetration of the cone (i.e. D) by subtracting the initial reading from final reading.

D = D2 – D1


Make two determinations on determinations on different specimens and calculate the average of the two determinations. The result is expressed in mm.


IS-2250 – Code of practice for preparation and use of masonry mortars.

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