The knowledge about the site forms a vital role in the safe and economical development of a site. A thorough investigation of the site is an essential preliminary to the construction of any civil engineering works.

Site Investigation
Site Investigation

Objectives of Site Investigation Work

  • To access the general suitability of the site.
  • To achieve safe and economical design of foundations and temporary works.
  • To know the nature of each stratum and engineering properties of the soil and rock, which may affect the design and mode of construction of proposed structure and foundation.
  • To foresee and provide against difficulties that may arise during construction due to ground and other local conditions.
  • To find out the sources of construction material and selection of sites for disposal of water or surplus material.
  • To investigate the occurrence or causes of all natural and man made changes in conditions and the results arising from such changes.
  • To ensure the safety of surrounding existing structures.
  • To design for the failed structures or remedial measures for the structures deemed to be unsafe.
  • To locate the ground water level and possible corrosive effect of soil and water on foundation material.
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