The trees are the tallest living things and the man chops down forests without replanting for tomorrow. The forests are vital for the economic prosperity of land. The man and trees are closely linked and without trees, the life on our planet would be endangered.

Importance of Trees
Importance of Trees

Importance of Trees

  1. It conserves soil moisture
  2. It precipitates rainfall and lowers temperature. A single tree can cool the summer heat for an entire day and night and is found better than 20 air-conditioners running for 20 hours.
  3. It prevents depletion of the ozone layer of the atmosphere.
  4. It prevents soil erosion.
  5. It produces oxygen and purifies the air. It is estimated that a hectare of trees will produce about 10 tonnes of oxygen which is enough for 45 persons to live for one year.

These are the very few things about importance of trees. There are lots more amazing thing trees do for our planet and for mankind.

Think about it…..


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