Storing of Cement on Site – Guidelines

  • Store cement in a building which is dry, leak proof and as moisture proof as possible.
  • There should be minimum number of windows in the storage building.
  • Stack the cement bags off the floor on wooden planks in such a way, so that it is about 150 mm to 200 mm above the floor.
  • The floor may comprise of lean cement concrete or two layers of dry bricks laid on well consolidated earth.
  • Maintain a space of 600 mm all-round between the exterior walls and the stacks.(see figure below)
Arrangement in cement godown
Arrangement in cement godown
  • Stack the cement bags close to each other to reduce circulation of air.
  • The height of stack should not be more than 10 bags to prevent the possibility of lumping under pressure.
  • The width of the stack should not be more than four bags length or 3 meters.
  • In stacks more than 8 bags high, the cement bags should be arranged alternately length-wise and cross-wise, so as to tie the stacks together and minimize the danger of toppling over.
  • Stack the cement bags in such a manner so as to facilitate their removal and use in the order in which they are received.
  • Put label showing date of receipt of cement on each stack of cement bags to know the age of cement.
  • When it is required to store cement for a long period of time or during the monsoon; completely enclose the stack by a water proofing membrane such as polyethylene.
  • Different types of cement must be stacked and stored separately.

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