concrete slab
concrete slab

Checking of Concrete Slab

  • Check all the concealed electric conduit work, junctions and electrical points, the positions of fan points, and MS boxes as per your electrical layout plan.
  • Check the reinforcement and get an approval from your RCC consultant.
  • Check the standby arrangements made for water in case of power failure.
  • Consult your RCC consultant before you decide the position of concrete joints in case of a big slab.
  • Ensure that wooden pieces, paper, nails, etc. are removed from the beam before casting.
  • Ensure that the shuttering, supporting, and the scaffolding are firm and proper.
  • Ensure that all joints in the formwork are properly sealed. This helps avoid slurry leakage.
  • It is better to use putty made of grease and cement (50:50) instead of using mud, jute, paper, etc. This putty effectively seals joints and remains intact during the vibration of concrete. You can also use strips of aluminium foil to cover the gap.
  • Place wooden planks and steel chairs on slabs to aid labour movement. Do not allow labour to walk directly on reinforcement.
  • Check if the vibrator is in working condition and that adequate labour is available.
  • Sprinkle some water over the shuttering just before placing the concrete.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient lighting arrangement in case there is late evening/night concreting.
  • Ensure that concrete cover blocks of proper size and type are provided at the site as per BIS standard requirements.

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