Qualities of Good Timber

Good timber should have the following qualities

1. Hardness

A good quality timber should be hard enough to resist deterioration.

2. Strength

It should have sufficient strength to resist heavy structural loads.

3. Toughness

It should have enough toughness to resist shocks due to vibrations. It should not break in bending and should resist splitting. Timbers having narrow annual rings, are generally the strongest.

4. Elasticity

It should have the property of elasticity so as to regain its original shape after removal of loads. This is a very important property to be considered if the timber is used in making sport goods.

5. Durability

It should be able to resist attacks of fungi and worms and also atmospheric effects for a longer period of time.

6. Defects

Timber should be prepared from the heart of a sound tree and be free from sap, dead knots, shakes and other similar defects.

7. Fibres and Structure

It should have straight and closed fibres and compact medullary rays. It should give a clear ringing sound when struck. Dull heavy sound is an indication of internal decay. Its annual rings should be uniform in shape and colour.

structure of a timber
structure of a timber

8. Appearance and Colour

Freshly cut surface should give sweet smell and present shining surface. It should have dark colour, as light colored timbers are generally weak in strength.

9. Shape and Weight

It should retain its shape during the process of seasoning. Heavy timbers are always stronger than light weight timbers.

10. Workability

It should be well seasoned and easily workable. Teeth of saw should not get clogged during the process of sawing. It should provide smoothened surface easily.


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