What is Roominess?

The effect produced by deriving the maximum benefit from the minimum dimensions of a room is termed as roominess.

Roominess is hence the accomplishment of economy of space without cramping of the plan. Particularly in case of residential buildings where considerable storage space is needed for various purposes, adequate provision for wall cupboards, loft wooden/R.C.C shelves etc should be made to make maximum use of every nook and corner of the building.

how to make small room look spacious

Key Points to Consider

Following points should be kept in view for creating desirable impression regarding roominess.

  1. A room square in plan appears relatively smaller than rectangular room of same area. It is also considered relatively smaller from utility point of view as compared with rectangular room of the same area. Length to breadth proportion for a good room is taken as 1.2 to 1.5. If the ratio of length to breadth exceed 1.5 it creates an undesirable effect. A small room having its length more than 2 times its width is objectionable, as it creates tunnel effect.
  2. A small room with high walls appears relatively smaller than its actual size and as such small rooms should have minimum permissible height as per by-laws.
  3. The location of doors, windows and built-in-cupboard etc, should be such that they permit easy approachability and do not obstruct the placement of furniture etc.
  4. It requires skill and serious thinking in making best use of the accommodation provided by suitable arrangement of rooms, by locating doors and passages in such a way that the livability, utility, privacy and exterior appearance are not adversely affected.
  5. The design of the building should be evolved I such a manner that its floors, walls and ceiling creates a sense of un-interrupted surfaces carried consistently through.
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