For determination of Consistency of hydrated lime. 

Reference Standards

IS: 6932(Part 8)-1973-Method of tests for Building Lime (Determination of Consistency of hydrated lime)

Equipment & Apparatus

  • Balance
  • Burette (50 ml)
  • Enamel tray
  • Flow table 

Preparation of sample

  1. Lime putty is prepared by thoroughly mixing the 500 gm hydrated lime with an equal mass of clean water and kept for soaking for 24 hours.
  2. After 24 hours, the soaked material is thoroughly mixed with the help of a mixer. The paste is then placed in the mould of the flow table.
  3. Standard consistency of lime putty is indicated by an average spread of the lower part of the lime putty to 11 cm when subjected to one bump on the standard flow table.
  4. The average spread of the material shall be determined by measuring three diameters at approximately 600 apart.
  5. If the consistency is too stiff more water is added, and if too wet, a small portion of the water is withdrawn by placing the material for a short period on a clean absorbent surface. 

Safety & Precaution

  • Use hand gloves while removing containers from oven after switching off the oven.
  • Keep the mould & flow table clean, dry & free from sticking concrete.
  • Keep the vertical shaft lubricated with light oil.
  • Keep the contact faces of the flow table top & supporting frame oiled.
  • Keep the hand wheel, the adjustable shaft & universal joint well lubricated. 

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