Field Tests on Cement

There are some field tests which gives some basic idea about the quality of the cement without elaborate facility of laboratory in the field. These tests are as given under

Field test on cement
Field test on cement
  1. Date of manufacture should be seen on the bag. It is important because the strength reduces with age.
  2. Open the bag and see that lumps should not be present in the bag. It will ensure that no setting has taken place.
  3. Thrust your hand into the cement bag and it should give cool feeling. It indicates that no hydration reaction is taking place in the bag.
  4. Take a pinch of cement between the fingers. It should give smooth feeling.
  5. Throw handful of cement on water. It should float initially before finally settling.
  6. Take 100g of cement and make a stiff paste. Prepare a cake with sharp edges and put on the glass plate. Immerse this plate in water. Observe that the shape shouldn’t get disturbed while settling. It should be able to set and attain strength. Cement is capable of setting under water also and that is why it is also called ‘Hydraulic Cement’.

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