The danger caused by segregation is difficult to repair and very costly. Therefore necessary precautions should be taken to avoid segregation.

Avoiding Segregation in Concrete
Avoiding Segregation in Concrete

Precautions to Take

  • The concrete mix should be properly designed with optimum quantity of water to make a cohesive mix. Such concrete will not exhibit any tendency for segregation.
  • Field quality control must be maintained while handling, transporting, placing & compacting and finishing concrete.
  • If at any stage segregation is observed, then remixing should be done to make the concrete again homogeneous.
  • Admixtures, such as pozzolanic materials or air entraining agent should be used to avoid segregation. Air entrainment permits a reduction of the mixing water with no loss of slump which increases workability and decreases segregation and bleeding.
  • Concrete should not be allowed to fall from greater heights. It should be placed as near its final position as possible.
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