What Is Shotcrete?

The concrete in which mortar or concrete is pneumatically projected at high velocity on the backup surface is known as shotcrete or gunite. It is also known as spray concrete as the force of jet impacting on the surface compacts it so as to make itself supporting.

This type of concrete has no special properties as compared to normal concrete placed under similar conditions.


What Are The Advantages of Shotcrete?

  • Shotcrete concrete layers are very strong.
  • These types of concrete do not need construction or expansion joints.
  • It can be evenly applied on uneven surfaces and can be applied from a distance.

What Are The Limitation of Shotcrete?

  • It has high cost. Its lining is less durable than ordinary concrete lining of the same thickness.

Where to Use Shotcrete?

  • Thin and lightly reinforced sections likes curtain walls etc.
  • Shell or folded roofs.
  • Lining of tunnels, canals etc, protective covering for soft dock
  • Stabilizing rock slopes
  • Encasing steel
  • Repair of old building and disintegrated leaking lining etc.
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