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In normal circumstances (generally where temperature are above 200C), and where ordinary cement is use, forms may be struck after expiry of following periods:

Walls, columns and vertical sides of beams 24 to 48 hours as may be decided by the engineer in charge
Slabs (props left under) 3 days
Beam soffits (props left under) 7 days
Removal pr props to slabs(a)  Spanning upto 4.5 m

(b)  Spanning over 4.5 m

7 days

14 days

Removal of props to beams and arches(a)  Spanning upto 6 m

(b)  Spanning over 6 m

14 days

21 days


Concrete Formwork
Concrete Formwork

For rapid hardening cement 3/7 of the above period will be sufficient in all cases except vertical sides of slabs, beams and columns which should be retained for 24 hours.

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