Stacking and Storing of Bricks at Site

  • Stack the bricks close to the site of work so that less effort is required to unload and transport the bricks again by loading on pallets or in barrows.
  • Different types of bricks (such as clay bricks, clay fly ash bricks etc) shall be stacked separately.
  • Bricks of different strengths and sizes (i.e. modular and non modular) should be stacked separately.
  • Bricks of different types such as solid bricks, hollow bricks, and perforated bricks should be stacked separately.
Brick Stack
Brick Stack

While stacking the bricks, following guidelines must be followed for easy quality inspection and counting.

  1. Stack the bricks on dry firm ground.
  2. Stack should be 50 bricks long, 10 bricks high and not more than 4 bricks in width.
  3. Clear distance between adjacent stacks should not be less than 0.8m.
  4. Put bricks of each truck load in one stack.

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