1. Civil Engineering is 50% common sense but common sense is that sense which is quite uncommon.

-Sharat Chandra Gupta-

  1. Ornaments should not be added to buildings unless it has a definite purpose or clearly reflects the activity inside, and materials should never be camouflaged to look like something they were not.

-William Jerry-

  1. The driving goal for this millennium is environmental, economic and social sustainability. Pursuing our profession and business in ways that can be sustained without denying future generations their opportunities must become a bedrock principle.

-General Hank Hatch-

  1. One of the most serious problems of civilization is clean water and clean air, not for ourselves but for the planet.

-Ellen Richards-

Insights and Ideas by Great Civil Engineers
Insights and Ideas by Great Civil Engineers
  1. The companies that advance aren’t afraid to fall. Have at it. Try it. If it doesn’t work, throw it out. Try something else.

-Holly Cornell-

  1. What we have to do is develop sound, technically trained people who are articulate enough, and patient enough, to explain technical issues to non-engineer.

-William Moore-

  1. The secret of happiness is hard work. When you are assigned a job, you do it no matter how difficult. If you are given everything, it makes you weak. If you work for it, it makes you strong.

-Fu Hua Chen-

  1. Our railroad yards are filled with discarded old rails (all basically the same size), let’s engineer some structural systems- with uniform member stresses – that allow the reuse of these rails as structural elements to produce low cost bridges.

-John Greiner-

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