In order to check the quality of masonry mortar, we have to conduct different tests on mortar. The quality and accuracy of test result is dependent upon the type of sample tested. Therefore it is required to follow some guidelines at the time of sampling.

Samples of masonry mortar are obtained in equal increments and then it is mixed together to prepare bulk sample.

The following equipments are needed while sampling masonry mortar.

  • Metal receptacle of minimum 1 liter capacity or Scoop
  • Shovel
  • Air tight container

a. Sampling from Batch Mixes

  • In case of batch mixer, sampling is done at the discharge point of a batch
  • Place the dry, clean metal receptacle across the stream of mortar in such a manner so as to collect a thoroughly representative sample of mortar.
  • Collect a minimum of three equal increments at about times when one-quarter, on-half and three-quarters of the batch have been discharged.

b. Sampling from Hand Mixes

  • Before sampling turn over the mortar with clean, dry shovel.
  • Take samples by means of the scoop at regular spacing throughout the mass.

c. Sampling from Heaps

  • Take samples below the surface of the heap.
  • Take samples at least twelve different places in the mass distributed in a regular manner.

After taking samples by any of the method described as above; immediately combine them and mix them thoroughly. After thorough mixing, place the bulk sample in a air tight container.

Notes to Remember

  1. Collect such an amount of sub samples so that after mixing them, a bulk sample of 10 kg is obtained.
  2. Record the following data and mark them on the air tight container.
  • Date of sampling
  • Place & method of sampling
  • Date of preparation of mortar
  • Quantity of batch or consignment
  1. Always try to do the consistency test of mortar on site of preparation.


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