Floors are one of the important parts of a house. It should have a pleasing appearance and should attract the attention of people. Floors should also be durable, easy to maintain. If proper care is taken during floor construction then it will have longer life period and will require less maintenance.

Precaution to follow during floor construction
Precaution to follow during floor construction

Precautions to Follow During Floor Construction

  1. The base and sub-base of the floor at the ground floor should be prepared with great care, strictly following the construction specification and procedure.
  2. The required slope for the floor should be given in the base course itself.
  3. Metallic or other strips, as may be required to lay the flooring, should be laid in a straight line.
  4. Curing of floors including that for base concrete should be carried out properly such that the required strength is obtained.
  5. Tiles for flooring should be laid on the mortar bed in a manner that no gap is left between the mortar and the tile at any place.
  6. Tiles should be tapped properly in the mortar bed to ensure a proper level.
  7. Wooden or bamboo floor finishing should be stuck to the base with the help of a prescribed adhesive.

If the above precautions are taken the floors will perform well and would require less maintenance over a period of time.

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