Anti Termite Treatment

Termites are insects that are capable of making severe damages in the house, be it the foundation, wooden structures or furniture, carpets, paper or curtains etc. their habit of remaining concealed results in their presence go undetected, until the surface get damaged.

anti termite treatment
anti termite treatment

It is therefore, essential to protect the house against termites by providing anti-termite. This can best be done during the preconstruction stage of house and provided in the foundation after the soil has been excavated and is exposed.

The treatment consists of providing a layer of chemical meant for the purpose, on the exposed surfaces of the soil in the foundations. The layer creates a barrier on account of which the termites are unable to make their way into the foundations and subsequently to other parts of the structure including wooden doors and windows, furniture etc.


The chemicals are available in the market in concentrated form and are poisonous in nature. A great care has to be exercised during the application of the anti-termite treatment as they can cause injuries to the body, both externally and internally.


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