Retempering of concrete

Retempering of Concrete

When water is added to a stiffened concrete or partially set fresh concrete in order to bring it back to the desired consistency or workability, then it is called “retempering of concrete’.

Importance of Retempering of Concrete

The one and only reason for retempering of concrete is to regain the lost workability of fresh concrete to make it usable. The reason behind the workability loss is the delay between mixing of concrete ingredients and placing of concrete on actual site. This type of delay may happen in the following situations.

  • Due to traffic, delivery of concrete from central mixing plant to work site
  • While constructing length tunnels or in road works
  • While placing concrete manually by labor in hilly areas

As concrete is a very costly material, it cannot be wasted without any proper reason. That’s why to make the concrete workable, water is added to concrete and mixed again to regain its lost workability.

Many a times engineer in charge may not allow fro retempering of concrete because of the importance of the structure or project specification. So you need to consult with the engineer at site to find the solution of the problem


  • Always remember that retempering of concrete should be allowed only if the stiffened concrete could be used on work without any harm.
  • Always add a small quantity of extra cement balance the water-cement ratio of concrete.

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